Analyzing the Twisted Circus

Microgaming has come up with an original game called The Twisted Circus. The fire eater, the contortionist, and the bearded lady are just some of the symbols you’ll be trying to pair together. Combine all that with exciting extras like scatter and hidden symbols. Get your tickets now for this terrifying performance, in which there are 243 possible outcomes.

Methods I used to Investigate the Clown Car

I was excited to try out this slot game from Microgaming with a circus theme for review. Some thoughts on the reliability of my evaluation and the factors I took into account are as follows.

A smart place to begin is by checking the return to investment and the volatility. You can estimate the frequency and nature of your victories.

You may rest certain that, unlike other reviews, mine is not based solely on theoretical concepts and technological specifications; I have actually played the game.

A player’s propensity to get immersed in and stay invested in a game might be influenced by the quality of its visuals. In this review, I intend to analyze my game’s visual style and design in relation to the game’s overarching concept.

I check the minimum and maximum bets because I believe that everyone should be able to play at an online slot machine regardless of their financial situation.

I’ll explain the game’s icons in broad strokes. You may guess at their function while you play, but it’s much easier if you knew going in.

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Novibet offers free money and spins on The Twisted Circus.

Novibet is offering a bonus to new players from the United Kingdom so they may play The Twisted Circus. Although you may find games developed by Microgaming in many other game libraries, you will get the most out of a casino’s welcome bonus if you join up through them. Novibet will double your money up to £100 and give you 15 spins at £0.10 per when you sign up through their site.

Bet Ranges and Payouts for “The Twisted Circus”

The Twisted Circus accepts wagers as low as £0.30 and as much as £120. Smaller budgets might benefit from a reduced minimum wager, while big rollers will appreciate the huge maximum stake.


The autoplay function may be set to spin the reels automatically for anywhere between 10 and 100 times. Other slots, however, provide more sophisticated options like “stop auto spins after certain amount won,” which this one does not.


Slots with a return to player percentage (RTP) of less than 96% are not very entertaining. At 96.36%, this one is a keeper.


Bet losses on slots may be estimated with the use of volatility data. This game’s average volatility makes it an excellent pick for casual gamblers who desire a chance at at least moderate gains on a consistent basis.

frequency of hits

The hit frequency of a slot machine indicates how often it will pay out any amount, be it £0.01 or £10,000. This notch is just in the middle of the normal range, perhaps about 23%.

Maximum success

The highest payout is 416 times the initial wager. Find out how to accomplish this later on in the analysis.

The gameplay in The Twisted Circus is the main selling factor, although the game’s technical data is only ordinary.

Although the specifications are useful for getting started, the statistics for this slot machine game are not exactly intriguing. The hit frequency, volatility, and return to player percentage are all about par for the course for online slot machines.

Playable Elements

Features such as Bonus Symbols, Free Games, and more

Symbols That Replace Other Symbols

The Twisted Circus logo is the game’s wild, and it may replace any other symbol (with the exception of the scatter and bonus icons). The incentive for catching five of them is $15,000. Most of the triumphs that occurred during regular play were assisted by wild card appearances.

Free-For-All Symbols

The two tickets (to the circus, I’m assuming) serve as the scatter sign, but you could be hoping they’ll be your way out of this terrifying show instead. Matching two, three, four, or five symbols nets you 600, 1200, 6,000, or 60,000 coins, respectively.

Benefit of Free Turns

If you are lucky enough to get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the playing field, you will trigger the free spins bonus round. The initial set of free spins is 13 (a purposefully eerie number), and all prizes are tripled. At this point, you can earn up to 416,000 coins, the maximum payout.

The Bonus Symbol and the Cirque du Soleil Bonus Game

The shady ringleader is a special extra icon. You’re in for a treat on his three, four, and five reel appearances. The Circus match bonus round is unlocked when three bonus symbols appear in a single spin. If this happens, a new screen will load, representing the center of the circus tent. On this display are 16 secret symbols. If you flip over three identical cards, you’ll be awarded a monetary prize and treated to a fun little sideshow involving the circus performers. Four of these icons are wild, meaning they can replace any other icon to help you win more than once.

Wild symbols and scatter payouts are the mainstays of The Twisted Circus, however the game does provide a unique extra feature.

If you’re looking for a slot machine with fewer bells and whistles, go elsewhere; this one’s not for you. It’s good to have that added motivation and always be on the lookout for the ringmaster, especially because there are some substantial rewards to be won from even the simple scatter symbols. In the end, I have found that the frequency of the bonus round is not high enough to keep players engaged.

The Twisted Circus makes effective use of its concept but might benefit from going the additional mile.

This game’s layout is decent. The game grid’s backdrop transports the player to a ghoulish cabaret. However, it wouldn’t have hurt to render an audience as it appears to be empty. The symbols are adequate, but they lack the last flourish necessary to truly stand out. They look like the packaging of a standard supermarket variety. You understand exactly what they are, yet you find nothing appealing about their appearance. The use of sound is also peculiar, and not in a good manner. While at a stop, no music plays; yet, when the engine is started, an odd, repetitive tone begins. A music that sounds like it may be from a circus march plays if you manage to pull off a win. I think this slot game might benefit from a slower, creepier, and more frightening version on a circus theme.

Possible answers to problems encountered while playing

When it comes to gambling software, Microgaming is a household brand, and their customer service is second to none. It is easy to contact them if you run into any problems. If an issue occurs while you’re playing, you’ll be able to restart the round and receive a full refund of any wagers or winnings you may have made.


While not packed with extras, the Circus Match bonus round keeps things interesting as you spin in the hopes of triggering it with three ringmaster symbols. Microgaming, on the other hand, wasted a lot of potential with them. Wild and scatter symbols are where the excitement in this game really begins. Although the free spins mode pays out well, it is hardly the most thrilling bonus round I’ve ever played.






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